Friday, May 28, 2004


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Young female rock singers who write their own stuff seems to be the current phase as far as the music industry is concerned, with the constant search for the next Avril Lavigne. Katy Rose could be pidgeonholed into that catergory, but this very good album is closer in spirit to Liz Phair than it is to Miss Lavigne. She has the catchy tunes required to make an impact on the radio (witness the lead single Overdrive) and she certainly has the looks to ensure rotation of the ever important videos but there is more to Katy Rose than this.

One minute she's the angry and fiesty young rebel, but the next she's admitting a vulnerable side. And rather than getting the impression that these mood swings are put on for the sake of a good album, the feeling is that these are real emotions. Lyrically the album does occasionally slip into 6th Form style poetry, but then this record is so accomplished that you have to remind yourself of the fact that Katy was only sixteen years old when she wrote (yes, she does write most of her stuff) and recorded this. Standout tracks are Overdrive, which is the perfect "radio friendly" summer tune which should chart high when it gets a release, Vacation which is a rock out classic and Lemon, which is by far the most introspective track on the album and seems to be the most personal for Katy.

Many professional reviews have commented on her lack of singing skills, and up to a point it's true. Katy isn't the best singer, but then some of the greatest artists in the world have been those that have kept within their limitations (The Beatles were not great singers) and the fragility of her voice adds another dimension to an already great album.Overall this is a great album, and the fact that its her first and she's done it at such a tender age surely bodes well for the future. If she's this good now, how good will she become over the years?

DEAN'S VIEW - 4 out of 5