Friday, January 28, 2005

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsytem

Punk Funk...Disco Rock...Disco Punk...Rock many labels and so much hype, but could the debut release from James Murphy (aka LCD Soundsystem) really be all that is was hoped it would be? The answer is a resounding yes...AND THEN SOME!

It's been a long time since LCD's trio of singles Losing My Edge, Giving It Up and Yeah (which are all thankfully included on the bonus CD with the album) but the long wait for the album has been well worth it. This is dance music, without conforming to the stereotypical features that make most of that scene seem passe. At times sounding like Talking Heads, at times sounding like Soulwax, at times sounding like Pink may think that the sheer wealth of reference points would overshadow the project as a whole but there is the opposite effect. This sounds so fresh and new and never feels derivative.

There is no way of picking out the essential or best tracks from this Double CD as pretty much all of them are destined to stick in your brain for days, then weeks, then years. This is quite simply a must have CD from a man more interested in producing genuinely exciting and exhillarating music than by the notion of being cool and/or "hip."

Icon's View - 5 out of 5 - ICON CLASSIC.

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