Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze.

Ignore my slightly warped liking for the wonderful Josh Homme, this is one hell of a rock record and one that, for once, deserves every bit of critical acclaim that has come it's way.

From start to finish this is a rollocking ride which is even better than previous classics Rated R and Songs For The Deaf. Stand out tracks include the single Little Sister, You Got A Killer Scene (featuring guest performances by Brode Dalle and Shirley Manson) and Everybody Knows That You're Insane. Although to be honest, choosing favourite songs from this album is much like choosing which of your offspring is your favourite.

So this is rock as it should be. Dark, edgy and, above all, sexy. Buy it now.

Icon's View - 5 out of 5.

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