Friday, August 26, 2005

Weezer LIVE

The Xav man was back in da hizzoouse for the long awaited chance to see the one and only Weezer in concert, and what a night it was too. The mega rich Xavi got me my tea in that nice pub whose name I can't remember for a start. The burger tasted like one of those in a "100 for £1" packs you get, and the barmcake was a bit stale, but bloody hell, the Onion Rings were bloody gorgeous.

Then it was over the road, just in time to catch the support act, the rather fabulous Nine Black Alps. Ok, so it's as if Nirvana never died (well Kurt Cobain) but if you like that kind of thing then they are bloody good at it. And I truly like that kind of thing. Looking forward to seeing them headline their own show later in the year.

Then it was onto the main event. Walking onto the strains of When You Wish Upon A Star, Rivers and the boys then proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes blowing the crowd away with a stream of classics. There was none of that "we must promote the most recent album" malarkey here (only 4 tracks off Make Believe, and two of them were singles of course), instead they treated us to tracks from right across the board.

Particular highlights for me were Say It Ain't So (my favourite Weezer song EVER I think), Buddy Holly, We Are All On Drugs, Undone - The Sweater Song, El Scorchio...hell it was ALL top notch. Add in Rivers solo acoustic version of Island In The Sun - PERFORMED ON TOP OF THE FUCKING BAR!!!! AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!- and him having to crowd surf his way back to the stage, and you have what was, quite simply, an absolutely AWESOME night. I was singing so much and so loudly that I virtually lost my voice. A definate contender for gig of the year!

Plus, I was able to purchase a freaking awesome green Weezer sweatband - and a big WHATEVER to that mardy bitch at the bar who thought it was the height of sadness for me to be wearing it - and what must be one of the finest Tee's ever, the soon to be classic WEEZER - ROCKIN' THE BITCHES SINCE 1994 shirt, and you have the icing on the cake!


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