Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bat For Lashes LIVE

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Given how much I enjoyed the last Bat For Lashes concert, in the summer of 2008, where the new songs that we’re debuted sounded absolutely awesome, I was really looking forward to reacquainting myself with the delightful Natasha Khan (complete with a new band). For the most part I wasn’t disappointed.

There’s no depreciably downturn in quality on Two Suns from what was on her debut album Fur And Gold. If anything, whilst it could unfairly be labelled “more of the same” in terms of style, she has notched up the ambition quota and provided another stunningly beautiful collection of songs.

The likes of Sleep Alone and Daniel were well received, as were “older” classics such as What’s A Girl To Do and The Wizard. My only complaint about the set list would be the baffling omission of Priscilla. That may have been, however, a victim of the continued technical problems that interrupted the evening. It wasn’t Khan’s fault of course, but despite her good natured banter with the crowd it didn’t help the flow of the evening.

My only other point of concern surrounds her new band, which includes former Ash axe-woman Charlotte Hatherley. They seemed a little pedestrian compared to the band that had backed up Khan previously; which is not to say there were bad in any way, just that they didn’t quite match their predecessors.

Still, it may have been first night nerves and none of these minor quibbles in anyway spoiled the evening too much. Khan seems to be finally getting the recognition that she deserves (I’m still peeved over her not winning the Mercury Prize you know) and it’s difficult to see how anyone in attendance could begrudge her that success.

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