Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Fame - Lady Gaga

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I dismissed Lady Gaga as a flash in the pan upon hearing Just Dance. It was a decent enough pop record, or so I thought, (well if you take that bloke’s bit out of it) but hardly suggested that Gaga’s album would be anything worth hearing. But then it kind of lodged itself in my head and wouldn’t go away. When follow up single Poker Face did the same there was little point in resisting. Even if the album only had those two good songs, it would have two more good pop songs than the last Madonna album.

Thankfully, The Fame does indeed have more than those two singles to offer. Granted, at 16 tracks the UK Special Edition drags on for FAR too long, but if you jettison five of six of the tracks you’ve got the makings of a really rather decent pop record. The likes of Love Game, Eh Eh and title track The Fame are just as good as the two singles and should keep her in hits for the rest of the year.

Ok so there isn’t much going on lyrically (half of the songs seem to be about liking rough sex – not that you’ll find me complaining on that score) and if you played a drinking game where you drank a shot every time she sang “cherry cherry boom boom”, “love game” or “ga ga” it wouldn’t be too long before you passed out.

However, Gaga’s avowed intention with this album was to make a fun pop record that people would enjoy listening to. With a little bit of judicious editing of the track list, you can certainly say she’s achieved that aim.

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