Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Imelda May LIVE

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The first concert of 2009 kicked off in style at the swanky Baby Blue in Liverpool’s Albert Docks. I have to complain about the scallops’ starter though. For £8.95 (minus my 20% discount of course) I expect more than 3 scallops the diameter of a penny and the thickness of, well, something not very thick at all. They won me back with the delightful Black Pudding Mash that accompanied the lovely Pork Tenderloin though.

The venue itself was a little but strange (getting in to it was a bit like Eyes Wide Shut) and I have to say that it was the “oldest” crowd I’d ever seen at a “non-oldie” concert. To explain that, I have seen “older” crowds at things like Neil Diamond, but Imelda May, despite her retro sound, isn’t old herself is she? Well, you hopefully know what I mean.

What isn’t in any doubt is that Imelda May is absolutely bloody fantastic. Her love of Rockabilly, Jazz and SKiffle may not be conducive to mega-chart stardom but there is no denying that if you are into that kind of thing, May is sublime. Most of her impressive Love Tattoo album was unleashed, with my particular favourite being Wild About My Lovin'. We were also treated to some entertaining cover versions, including wicked versions of Patsy Cline’s Walking After Midnight and, best of all, Tainted Love.

Sure at various times you could have felt like you were in some bizarre episode of Heartbeat but that’s just my warped mind at work. I was quite taken by Imelda May prior to this concert. Now I think I may just be in love with her.

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