Friday, March 06, 2009

Franz Ferdinand LIVE

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The fact that I once saw Franz Ferdinand headline (and fill) the cavernous MEN Arena and yet in 2009 they’re playing the much smaller Manchester Academy might suggest that the intervening years haven’t been kind to the Scottish quartet, commercially.

And indeed the general conception critically now is that their second album, You Could Have It So Much Better, was a disappointment and critical reaction to their latest album, Tonight, has been decidedly mixed. Yet for my money, whilst admitting that their debut album remains their finest achievement, they had continually made some great pop records and their latest album is chock full of cracking tunes. A point that was proved on this particular occasion.

Whether it was Take Me Out, This Fire, Do You Want To or upcoming single No You Girls, there was rarely a dull moment throughout and almost every song had you tapping your feet (or, heaven forbid, dancing). The days of filling arena’s may be over, but Franz Ferdinand remain as good as ever.

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Chris said...

Franz Ferdinand are a great band, anyone know when they're planning to tour the UK again? Check out the progression of Indie music over the last decade and how Franz Ferdinand played their part here some really great bands are featured.