Thursday, March 12, 2009


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Hype in the music industry can be a terrible thing. Hype doesn’t necessarily mean that what’s being hyped is any good. It also doesn’t mean in any way shape or form that any artist will have any success. And I’m as cynical as the next person, but if you only bring one thing away from this review it is this. Little Boots is worth every bit of the hype. My evening didn’t exactly start off too well as SOMEONE had booked a hotel four miles away from where we were supposed to be…a necessity after finding out AFTER I’d bought the tickets that the doors only opened to the venue at 9:30pm. Having got into Preston by five o’clock, it’s safe to say I was rather inebriated by the time we got to the venue, and then had to wait more than another hour for Little Boots to appear.

And yet, against all the odds, the concert itself was brilliant. Victoria Hesketh has the tunes (and, yes, I’ll admit, the looks) to make a serious dent on the charts, (even if secretly I fear it may well be another Annie all over again) and its fair to point out that there wasn’t really a duff moment in the entire set Those who have followed her for a while will have been familiar with most of the songs (particular highlights included Meddle, Stuck On Repeat and Too Late) but the unveiling of her first proper single (the name of which I’ve forgotten, but includes Phil Oakley on guest vocals – a fact preceded by a deadpan Hesketh informing the crowd that Oakley couldn’t make it to the show) proved that she’s got more to come.

Rather bizarrely after the concert I ended up being accosted by her brother (who had spotted my Little Boots pin badge) and being introduced to her mother, shortly before being chatted up by a group of 18 year old girls who had no idea there was such a thing as Little Boots.

I may be falling into the “cool” trap, but I think you can give me the benefit of the doubt that I’m not just doing it for the sake of looking cool. Little Boots is amazing.

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