Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I bought this album having NEVER heard a single song that KT Tunstall had ever done. Yes, i am slightly mad like that, but good reviews and interesting interviews hooked me in, and I'm glad I bought this. This is an instant classic, and should ensure that this time next year her name will be on everyobdy's lips. Think Sheryl Crow, mixed with Norah Jones and a little dash of Dido, and you get a sense of this wonderful album. But far from being a derivative sound, KT has a fresh originality that sets her apart from the chasing pack. It's difficult to pick a standout track, as there are no real filler tracks in sight. At a push I'd plump for Suddenly I See, Another Place To Fall and False Alarm as the best of the bunch.Occasionally the lyrics are slightly cliched, but such is the vigour of the delivery the overall package soars above small complaints as this.Get this album now so you'll be able to impress your friends when this time next year KT is a HUGE star and you'll be able to say you were there from the beginning.

DEAN'S VIEW - 4 1/4 out of 5.

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