Wednesday, December 22, 2004


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Oh no, you think, not another young North American female teen trying to bring "rock" music to the younger audience. But you really should persevere with this infectious debut album from this latest young upstart.
What immediately strikes you with this album is that there is no pretense on here of being older than her years, the problems Skye sings of are high school drama's (witness the opening line of the single "Tangled Up In Me" - "you wanna know more about me? I'm the girl who was kicking the coke machine.") not the Avril like posturings about boyfriends who want sex and all that malarkey.
There is a bit of filler on this album, but when it's good it's great. Tangled Up In Me is a cracking single, and other stand out tracks include Billy S (the tale of a girl who doesn't want to read Shakespeare in her Literature lessons) and a wonderfully genre hopping cover of Blondie's Heart Of Glass.
If you like the likes of Avril Lavigne, Katy Rose and Ashlee Simpson but wish that occasionally those three artists would lighten up a bit and have some fun, then this is the album for you. You'll be humming along to these songs all day.

DEAN'S VIEW - 3 out of 5

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