Monday, December 27, 2004


10 – Jerry Lee Lewis (Blackpool Opera House) – In many respects this was a disappointment. He was obviously not well enough to be doing this kind of thing, the support act was some Scottish pratt who thought he was the second coming of Elvis Presley, and JLL did less than 30 minutes in total, BUT, what can I say? The guy is an all-time legend and deserves to be forever remembered as such. And to be able to say I saw him live singing “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Great Balls of Fire” is just book of the dick. An ambition fulfilled. BEST SONG: Great Balls Of Fire.

9 - Avril Lavigne (Manchester MEN) – Perhaps the cavernous MEN was a tad to big for the Canadian pocket rocket, but this was a good night of entertainment. She was better than I thought she would be, and as such I was pleasantly surprised. Good for her. BEST SONG: Slipped Away

8 - Charlotte Hatherly (Manchester Academy 3) – I didn’t know half the songs (I’d had the album less than a week by the time I went to this) but this was still a good night out. She’s a babe no doubt too. My only downer on this is the fact that Alan wouldn’t stay behind when it was done to meet her. I could have had a picture with her and everything. BEST SONG: Summer

7 – Dido (Manchester Apollo) – I’d heard a terrible rumour in the week prior to this concert that Dido was one of those who did all kinds of different versions of her songs when she did a live show. That turned out to be true, but marvellously the re-working of the tunes went down a treat. In fact they were so good it was disappointing to revisit some of the tunes on the albums to find out that the live versions were better! BEST SONG: Take My Hand

6 – The Thrills (Manchester Apollo) – To be sat there before the start saying “why did we come to this” is perhaps not a good sign, but thankfully this thrilling show reminded us why…The Thrills kick ass live. This was top notch crew and well worth it. Count me in for the next tour. BEST SONG: Big Sur

5 – Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Liverpool Philharmonic Hall) – Huey proved that he is still the coolest man alive here. Having to spend the entire night on a stool thanks to a broken leg, Huey still rocked the mofo joint to it’s rafters. Superb stuff. BEST SONG: Beautiful

4 – Franz Ferdinand (Manchester Apollo) – This probably would have placed higher if I hadn’t got the slight resentment at having to stand up throughout the set and the fact that they only did about 25 minutes at first. I know they did another 20 in the “encore” (I would have called it the second half), but it left a slight sour taste in my mouth. It was superb though. BEST SONG: This Fire

3 – Sugababes (Manchester Apollo) – In reality, past the odd great (and one superb) single, I wouldn’t have counted myself as a big Sugababes fan before this. But this was, quite simply, one hell of a show. This just had everything you would want from a pop show. Believe me when I say that Girls Aloud have a lot to live up to after this show. BEST SONG: Virgin Sexy

2 – The Hives (Manchester Apollo) – The nuttiest front man this side of Malcolm McGuinness, this was a thoroughly entertaining night of rockin’ music. There was just a sheer dynamism and electricity throughout this, that carried even the weaker of their tunes. The singer’s banter was priceless throughout. BEST SONG: Hate To Say I Told You So.

1 – Scissor Sisters (Manchester Apollo) – Quite frankly the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on. Great view and two of the most entertaining on-stage performers I have ever seen. I could have done without the transvestite right at the end, but other than that, this was superb. The essence of a great night out all rolled into one 90 minute show. BEST SONG: Take Me Out


Lulu said...

1 – Scissor Sisters? number one? are you sure?

IWFICON said...

Yes, I am sure :D