Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Nerina Pallot - Fires

Dear Frustrated Superstar was one of the best albums of 2001, and was one of the best debuts by a female singer songwriter that I have heard. Of course the problem was that not too many other people heard it, which always led me to fear that a follow up would never be released. Well it's taken four years, but Nerina Pallot has finally gotten around to releasing Fires, her second, and equally breathtaking, album.

This is just full of great track after great track with memorable tunes, and great lyrics. From the opening track Everybody's Gone To War, with it's memorable "I've got a friend, he's a pure-bred killing machine...and he'll be dead by Christmas" lyric this is just pure class all the way.

Standout tracks for me are Halfway Home, Idaho and Geek Love, which, with it's catchy chorus lyric of "So hey, you, could you give it a rest. Just take me home and get me undressed", could be the hit single which finally, and justifably, let's the rest of the world in on the charms of this great singer-songwriter. This is quite, simply, a must buy.

And on a final note, I "made her day" when I exchanged messages with her so that's just another reason to love her.

Icon's View - 5 out of 5

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