Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fun Lovin Criminals - Livin In The City

First of all, let me get my bias out of the way. Huey Morgan is, in my opinion, THE coolest man on the planet. There is no shaking my belief in that fact, so don't even try. But still, I am more than prepared to admit that FLC haven't always hit the mark. Come Find Yourself remains their high point, 9 years after it's release, and whilst 2003's Welcome To Poppy's album was somewhat of a (patchy) return to form, 100% Coumbian was half genius, half retread and the less said about Loco the better.

The bad news is that Come Find Yourself STILL remains the greatest collection of FLC's career...the good news is that Livin In The City is definately their best since then. "Mi Corazon" is their best single since Big Night Out and "That Ain't Right" could comfortably sit on Come Find Yourself. There are also some surprises, such as the piano driven "Gave Up On God" and "How It Be", which brilliantly switches pace halfway through. Sadly there is some drivel, but nothing as bad as the low-points of Loco, which were very low indeed.

If you don't like FLC, then this album will do nothing to change your mind; it preaches to the converted 100%. But whilst sticking to what you are good at might not win too much critical acclaim, it has resulted in a very entertaining album which is a must for any one who has ever liked more than one FLC song.

Icon's View - 3 1/2 out of 5

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