Saturday, September 24, 2005

Super Furry Animals LIVE

A day of insanely heavy drinking, for sure. I was half cut before I even met the Gee, and we carried on from there. About 15 minutes before bell time, the venue seemed empty and we feared the worst, and we took the opportunity to push our way quite a way up to the front of the crowd...which turned out to be a bit of mistake once the crowds belatedly filled up.

An hilarious video package set the scene, (and who can fail to sing along with the A-Team theme whenever they hear it?) and the band made their big entrance on something akin to a golf cart. So far, so good. But then it went a little pear-shaped. I'm not a huge SFA fan so it was obvious I wasn't going to know all the songs, but the ones they did play at first were totally unfamiliar to me. Coupled with a being in close proximity to a load of idiots, being hot and sweaty and getting high of the smell of, shall we say, controlled substances and the evening was taking a bit of a bad turn.

However a diplomatic retreat for water supplies and a more spacious view towards the back did the trick as SFA pumped out some of their biggest hits. And not even the technological problems during the encore could spoil the mood from there. A frustrating night in some respects, but in the end, it was all gravy.

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