Thursday, September 29, 2005

Editors LIVE

An absolute hellacious 90 minute journey to Manchester didn't bode well for the evening in prospect, although the sight of the Gee already on his way to drunkeness as I arrived certainly was hilarious. The long-haired foreign-looking idiot who was clearly off his head was a minor annoyance, although more of my energy was being put towards eyeing up the bintage on display in the pub. Quality teasely.

Anyway, we wandered into the venue in time to catch a bit of the support act We Are Scientists. They were quite good in a "I'll never actually buy one of their records" kind of way.

The Editors on the other hand were good in a "I might actually trade in my Cd-R copy of the album for a proper copy" kind of way. Of course, being so early in their career, the concert was more or less their debut album live, but even the weaker album tracks were injected with a steely intensity that made them rise above the versions we already know.

Quite simply, this was a top notch crew night, and for once the hype is justified. The Editors are going places.

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