Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Franz Ferdinand LIVE

Back to the MEN...but fear not as we had good seats.

The day started off well with the Mighty Spurs kicking Wigan Athletic all over the park with a well deserved victory. Jimmy who?

Anyways, the train trip to Manchester was, well, different, as we ended up on a train with a load of Spurs fans making the long trip back home. Highlight was the unrepeatable Van Persie chant. Lowlight was the chav golfers who joined the train at one point.

Anyways, a few nice pre-concert drinks warmed us up nicely and onto the MEN. A £3 slice of Pizza went down nicely, though I really shouldn't have eaten that full bag of Giant Buttons. We missed the *DELETE AS APPLICABLE* Cribs/Kooks/Rakes/ support, support act and made it just in time for the Editors. I like the Editors. Can't say I think they're the best thing since sliced bread or anything, but they have one or two killer tunes and quite a few more that are catchy. They're not breaking down any musical barriers, but not all music has to does it?

So then it was onto the Franz. I feared for them in the cavernous arena atmosphere, but I suppose when you have fans as fevoured as the Franz do, it doesn't really matter where you play. Even the lesser album tracks were met with a rousing reception, although the REALLY big ovations were reserved for Do You Want To (which sounded a bit crap live actually), Dark Of The Matinee, Michael and, of course, the mighty Take Me Out.

Steady rather than spectacular it may have been, but it was still a decent night's entertainment which had much to enjoy. Sometimes you just want to have fun. And this was a night where you could have that in spades.

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