Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shakin' Stevens LIVE

Well it had been far too long hadn't it?

I got out my 20 year old Shaky scarves and got in the Dean-mobile to drive myself, my mate Gee...and mother to Shaky 2005!!!!

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Nice and easy parking close to the venue and straight what looked like the Manchester Care In The Community annual outing 2006. Hell I'm used to be one of the oldest at certain concerts (as young as I am) but even though there was a smattering of under 20's in attendance, they were definately in the minority.

Shaky is far too savvy to need a support act, so come 7:45pm it was straight into the fun. Sadly, Shaky was struggling a bit. Whilst definately giving it his all, he was clearly suffering from a bad throat. Still few in the audience seemed to mind, and he thanked us all for his patience. Of course I was most made up when he unexpectedly did my favourite Shaky song ever "With My Heart" so I was happy regardless.

I don't know what he took at half time (the man is a legend. I mean come on, a pop concert with a proper interval :D) but it did the trick. He came out, walloped straight into Lipstick, Powder and Paint and from then on he was on top form until the end. The hits kept on a coming...A Letter To You, I'll Be Satisfied, It's Late etc...coupled with some old classics like "Ain't That A Shame" and this was just off the scale fun.

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He kicked started the encore with This Old House and then hit the classic single "Trouble" and then did a couple more songs before departing to a standing that was, no kidding, as loud as 10 times as many Franz Ferdinand fans had made the night before. Whatever you think of the man himself, he sure as hell can put on one hell of a show

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