Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Subways LIVE

Now the last time I saw the Subways it was, well shall we say, an "experience". Back in Gee's home study turf of Preston, in what perhaps was the worst venue ever, but despite all that, and despite only knowing one of their songs, it was a great night and a great concert.

This time around the album is in heavy rotation on the turntable, and I have slowly grown to love it. Add in HUGE ticket sales which bumped this gig from Number 2 to the Main Hall and there is quite a bit of expectation to deal with. There was even MORE anticipation when Gee briefly thought the Kooks were supporting, but thankfully we looked at the timetable on the door before going in to see that they most definately weren't. Which gave Gee the chance to drink more Vodka (ending the night on an estimated 19 shots).

Quite simply the show itself was a rollocking good hour or so of great music. With, thankfully, only a few slower moments. Highlights are too numerous to mention, and even the couple of new tracks they did didn't dampen the crazy mood of the gig-goers. Throughout the show there was a raucous energy prevalent in everything they did and, to quote a certain someone, the young lady sure was a "firecracker."

This was everything a rock 'n' roll show should be and showed that the future is bright for the Subways. Let's hope they can keep it up.

The Subways...better than The White Stripes.

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