Sunday, September 02, 2007

Don't Look Away - Kate Voegele

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One review of this album I read said that listening to Kate Voegele's debut album Don't Look Away was a lot like reading your big sister's diary; mostly boring but every once in a while there was something juicy to grab your attention.

Listening to this album I knew exactly what they meant.

It's would be easy to dismiss Voegele as your typical young empowered female singer-songwriter and given that this is released on Myspace Records you wouldn't be far wrong if you lumped this in with the likes of Colbie Caillat. Yes we're firmly in the "pleasant but we've heard it all before territory".

Of course because she writes her own songs and has, you know, guitars and stuff on her records many will give her the benefit of the doubt and it is fair to say that there are occasional signs on this record that Voegele has potential. A particular favourite of mine was I Won't Disagree. a lovely bluesy number with a real kick to it.

In the end though it falls between two stools; it's clear that we're supposed to think that Voegele has genuine "singer-songwriter" credentials, but then a lot of the time this is presented to us in the form of tunes that Kelly Clarkson might reject as unsubtle.

As ever, or so it seems with these things, what we have in the end with this is an artist with potential, but nothing really on this debut album that really sets her apart from the chasing pack.

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