Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey Venus - Super Furry Animals

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I've seen them live quite a few times (including that awful year at Leeds when they attempted to alienate 95% of the audience with a largely Welsh-Language set) but I would never call myself an avid fan. It's the tendency to, well, go off on one and lose track of what constitutes a tune that has never quite meant that I get too enamoured.

Thankfully, for me at least, their eighth studio album Hey Venus sees them firmly in the effervescent pop mode.

Yes it has all the usual off-beat genius you would expect, but it consistently wraps them up in gorgeous and memorable melodies.

Be it the Wall Of Sound, erm... sounding, Run Away, the almost glam rock posturing of Neo Consumer or the straight up rock of Baby Ate My Eight Ball the album is an almost constant delight.

Sure the supposed concept story of the album (a young woman moving from a small town to a big city with tragic consequences) will probably pass you by but since when has there been anything wrong with a rag-bag series of great songs one after another.

It's unlikely to win the Furry's any new fans but anyone with any previous liking for their unique brand of pop will find an awful lot to enjoy on here.

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