Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mercury Music Award

"This album is not very good. It's three or four good songs, surrounded by fairly poor tracks."

So said your esteemed blogger about the Klaxons chances of winning the Mercury Music Award for their album. Shows what I know doesn't it?

Anyway, in my defence I'm sure it was just the prospect of what Amy Winehouse may have spent £20,000 on if she'd won that cost her the prize. (Incidentally it was nice to see her piss off all of 30 seconds after not winning - mind you with the cringeworthy acceptance speech by the Klaxons - think grown men drunk, crying and swearing - you can't blame her).

Forget for a moment that Bat For Lashses should have won (and I put my money where my mouth was with a tenner at 7/1 for them - in the days before Fur & Gold became one of the favourites) and lets examine Myths of the Near Future. Months down the line I'm only the more convinced that the album is a handful of cracking singles surounded by filler.

And as for the statement that the Klaxons have "taken music forward" with the album...a cover version of Not Over Yet really is cutting edge for 2007 isn't it?

Still my friends it could have been worse; The View could have won.

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