Friday, April 04, 2008

Brain Thrust Mastery - We Are Scientists

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I really liked Love & Squalor so it was with an immense disappointment that I got to grips with the lead single from the new We Are Scientists album, After Hours. Whilst not being offensive in any way, it wasn't really very good. And the video seemed to sum up the potential problem with their second album. Lyrically they clearly feel the need to get more serious but visually they were stuck in their "kooky" past.

And listening to the album there is, to me at least, a definite feeling of it being stuck between two different paymasters. In an attempt to "grow up" or mature their sound they've ended up sounding like perhaps the most terrible thing you could label a record; dull.

The odd moment of clarity aside (Impatience, Lethal Enforcer) you find yourself merely longing for the "old" We Are Scientists.

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