Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Long Blondes LIVE

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It's no secret that, second time around, the Long Blondes have left me a little cold. Therefore the prospect of a Long Blondes concert which would undoubtedly be heavily weighted towards their second album, Couples, wasn't the sure fire thing it would have been a couple of months ago in my mind.

What transpired was pretty much what my reordered thoughts expected.

Was it awful? Not by any means. Was it great? Not really.

Certain new tracks, particular examples being Round The Hairpin and I'm Going To Hell, did sound better than their recorded counterparts, but all too often the new songs fell flat in the greater scheme of things. And whether or not it was my imagination, but this all led to the tracks off the debut album falling flat too, lacking the vitality that made them such an appealing proposition first time around.

All in all, I couldn't wait for it to finish - not because I wasn't enjoying myself (to a degree it was still a good night out) but more the fact that it failed on almost every level to live up to what I've seen from them before.

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