Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dreams - The Whitest Boy Alive

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Yes, I know it's an old album (released back in 2006) but no-one can expect me to be on the ball with everything that is popular music can they? And it was only released in the UK in November 2007, so it's relatively new.

The Whitest Boy Alive is Kings Of Convenience singer Erlend Øye's solo project (yes, I know there's a band behind him, but still...). And the slightly comedy name doesn't mean he's a white boy doing rap. One might call it Indie Pop or, heaven forbid, slightly "soft" rock. But whatever you would label it as, it's still really rather wonderful. So wonderful that you might question whether we need the Kings Of Convenience after hearing it.

Whether it's the lilting funk of Fireworks, the down and dirty Golden Cage or the staccato vibe of Figures, this is one of those albums that sounds innocuous at times but you soon realise that it's lodged firmly in your brain.

Granted, it's a little too slow tempo-ed as a cohesive whole to really reach out and grab your attention but at it's chilled out best its pretty irresistible.

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