Saturday, July 16, 2005

Aimee Mann - LIVE

She's been flying solo now for 12 years and at last The Dean gets to see Aimee Mann in concert and back at the old favourite Manchester Academy too. A nice warm up to proceedings saw me kick Gee's ass as the golf game in the pub opposite, and copious amounts of alcohol were drunk leading to a real feel good atmosphere, which rarely subsided throughout Miss Mann's classy set.

Ok, so there was a bit too much of an over-reliance on stuff from new album The Forgotten Arm (but hey, I've been going to concerts long enough now to know the score), but there was very few songs which didn't sweep you off your feet. And to boot she did my absolute favourite (Driving Sideways) AND also the Big Gee's fave (Amateur) as well. In fact most of her solo albums were well represented, and it is perhaps a sign of her class that songs from right across her back catalogue were warmly received.

This was, quite simply, a top notch concert from a top notch talent and throw in a bit of Phil Collins :) and you have all the ingredients for a great musical night out.

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