Friday, July 01, 2005

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers

First things first, lets get the "they don't look like your average pop stars" bit out of the way. Ok, so they may not, but then The Magic Numbers are hardly appealing to those music buyers who place a great importance on "image" anyway.

There has, and indeed IS, a great deal of fuss surrounding this quartet but, sad to say, my first reaction upon hearing the album was more "what's the fuss?" Still, you have to give these things time, but here we are, two weeks down the line and the album still strikes me as decidely average.

First of all the flowery "summer" attitude of the whole thing starts to get annoying about three or four tracks in, and secondly whilst the harmonies certainly impress (until you get sick of hearing them over and over again), there isn't much else that does. "Forever Lost" is a good single, and Long Legs is pleasant enough, but really the album is the same old, same old, and not very good same old at that.

So if you're in need of a summer lift-up, this might work in the short-term, but there is just not enough of interest, and not enough variation to sustain the interest. Much like The Thrills found out second time around, The Magic Numbers routine might not pack anywhere near the same punch. They should enjoy the adulation whilst it lasts.

Icon's View - 2 out of 5

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