Friday, July 08, 2005

Tara Blaise - Dancing On Tables Barefoot

You would never guess upon listening to this album that the same bloke who discovered the Corrs also discovered young Tara. Ok, I jest. That thought may very well be the first thought you have when you listen to this album. It's got that polished gaelic charm that one would associate with the Corrs, but Tara is an artist in her own right, writing all her own lyrics and co-writing all the music.

When the songs are good, such as the summery The Three Degrees, which is sure to get copious Radio 2 airplay when it is released as a single in the near future, Later and Radio Star which is perhaps my particular favourite on the entire album, they are very good indeed. But far too often the arrangements drift into bland Terry Wogan Radio 2 territory and frankly some of the lyrics are not exactly relevatory or interesting.

This album will sell well, and does have a great summery feel, but unless a little more substance is introduced in her next effort, I cannot see the success continuing. If she takes a few more risks next time, she might come up with something really worth listening to. Still this is a good effort and certainly has more than enough to keep you going on a slow day. And a couple of the tracks are crackers. So hopefully the best is yet to come.

Icon's View - 2 1/2 out of 5

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