Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nerina Pallot - LIVE

Ok, so much like Paddy Casey earlier in the year, I didn't stay around for the "headlining" act Arthur Joseph (or is it Joseph Arthur?) but really what would have been the point. There is NO way that anything he did could have come remotely close to what preceeded him.

Despite my paranoia that the doors didn't open until nearly 8 o'clock, (coupled with the big queue for Nine Black Alps in Acadmey 2), we were in there in plenty of time. The rather rude "who should mind where they're going" woman did her best to sully my mood (I tell you, that's the last time I attempt to be chivalrous to a Mancunian lady) but another pint, and the prospect of Nerina warmed me up.

Quite simply, she was fantastic. She only did six songs, but they were all top notch crew and she's just a very funny woman too. And I mean funny as in hilarious, not weird. In amongst the songs were tales of pyjamas with red spacemen on, the invention of a new word "Chavesty" and the confession that "All Good People" was from the Shania Twain-esqe part of her musican cannon. She also forgot half a verse of Geek Love, which was quite funny, although the uninitiated wouldn't have noticed as she didn't miss a beat.

But as FANTASTIC as all that was, the best was yet to come . After a short wait (in which a woman thought we were queing for the gents bog's, which gave way to a discussion about how Gee and Me could be living pieces of performance art outside a hospital) we toddled over to meet Nerina. There was some boring git from a radio station who seemed intent on wooing Nerina but anyway, I bought another copy of Nerina's excellent album Fires and as it was passed to her for signing, she looked up and my new favourite conversation ever kicked in. A brief synopsis is included below;

Nerina - Have we met before?
Me - Yes, we have.
Nerina - So you're a dedicated fan.
Me - I sure am.
Nerina - Is it Stephen?
Me - Hmm, no.
Nerina - John?
Me - No.
Nerina - Bugger.
Me - It's ok, I've got all night.
Nerina - Erm..
Me - It's Matthew.
Nerina - Yeah. That's right. Where was it...
Me - Well...
Nerina - Let me think.
Me - Ok
Nerina - Wait, was it at the Paddy Casey gig in Liverpool.
Me - Bloody hell. Yeah. And also at Warwick.
Nerina - Oh yes, I remember...Have you come far tonight?
Me - Only from Wigan.
Nerina - Oh not far then.
Me - Only about seven hours drive or so...

And then I went off. Although I went back as Gee needed his CD signing (the stingy bastard FINALLY getting around to buying his own copy) and then there were pictures to be taken, with the hilarity of me thinking Gee didn't know how to use my camera and thus moving as the first picture was being taken.

But anway, all that remains to be said is that the concert was bloody fantastic, Nerina is bloody lovely and, brilliantly, I was recognised by a celebrity. I was recognised by a celebrity. And a bloody fit one at that. So Gee man, you can take your Liz McPram Face picture and shove it :D


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