Monday, December 05, 2005

Ian Brown LIVE

I never did like the Stone Roses you know. But I must admit that Mr Brown did some decent solo stuff. So whilst it's fair to say that this wasn't the most eagerly anticipated of the 2005 concert list, I was hoping for a reasonable nights entertainment.

It got off on a bad foot when seemingly every restaurant in Manchester was full. Finally found some Pizzeria, only to be held up even longer by some arrogant Americans who, to quote one of them "aren't the kind of people you want to piss off." Quite.

Anyways, the foxy Italian waitress made up for the delay somewhat, and belly's full it was off to the MEN. Just in time to realise that whatever the hell the support act was, was well worth missing. Although then, someone's bright idea to have a "street magician" as another pre-Ian act made for five of the most uncomfortable minutes I have ever spent at a gig. Believe me, I'll not mention his name because I can guarantee that you'll never hear of him.

As for the Brownster...well his voice was as crystal clear and tone-perfect as ever. Although at least we could hear him. Whether it was a dodgy soundsystem or the fact we were sat sideways onto the stage, the guitar was barely audible (which made for some great moments as the crowd erupted at the start of a song and I was just sat there thinking "are they actually playing anything.")

There were some "boss" moments, including "If Dolphins Were Monkeys" and the rest of the crowd seemed to love the Stone Roses moments (although I suspect most of the crowd didn't think there were enough Stone Roses moments). All in all, I enjoyed myself, but it was hardly was the greatest concert I've ever been to. Still, I had fun and that's better than nothing isn't it?

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