Monday, December 05, 2005


It's been a long time coming, but finally the lovely Jem got around to a UK tour. You never really know what to expect with things like this, especially when some people had told me that she couldn't really sing live. And in fact it looked a bit ominous from the very first song when there was a slight suspicion in mine and the Gee's minds that she was miming.

Well I'm glad to say that she most certainly wasn't miming, and she proceeded to whip through her Finally Woken album with a certain aplomb. I could have done without the pointless cover of a Coldplay (I do wish female artists would stop subjecting me to Coldplay covers...its not big and its not clever) and it was a bit pointless for her to do a cover of Sweet Home Alabama where she didn't do anything, but other than those minor problems, it was a great night.

Particular highlights were a cracking version of "They" and the hula dancing during "Wish I". I'm telling ya, I look forward to more of Jem in the future. She's the real deal.

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