Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Like - Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

The Like...The Like. Just think, would I be sat here reviewing this album right now if the Gee hadn't gone to watch Maroon 5 a bit back? Probably not, although knowing the musical world I'm sure I would have come across three fit women playing rock music before too long...

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I have to say that in some ways I am going to be biased in this review. I've met them and they're lovely. Especially Tennessee. But it doesn't hurt that their debut single "What I Say And What I Mean" was an absolute corking slice of fuzzy pop-rock (technical term that you know) which, in one foul swoop, kicked away all the thoughts of nepotism (all three of the girls father being musical hot-shots) and made you realise that they are the real thing.

I can't quite summon up the levels of hysteria that a certain friend of mine bursts out at their very mention, as not all the album hits the high-spots, but enough of it does to ensure that this album is a "must-have."

Whilst WISAWIM is probably the stand-out track, there are some other absolute crackers too. "Under The Paving Stones" evokes echo's of the Clash's London Calling and is an absolute top tune whilst "Too Late" almost snatches "Best Song" accolades, and it mentions pendulums. Quite why that excites me I don't know, but it most certainly does. There are also some quality "slower" moments, with the delightful "The One" being a particular highlight.

So all in all, this is a great album and bodes well for a long and prosperous career. Buy it when it comes out in the UK in the spring. DO IT.

Icon's View - 4 out of 5

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