Sunday, January 22, 2006

Haley Hutchinson - Independantly Blue

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Oh, all hail Terry Wogan, he who loves Nerina Pallot's "All Good People." Well actually he might have been told to play Hayley's "Deadman" single on his radio show for all I know, and he most certainly didn't make me change my CD's over in my car at the very moment the song came on his show, but that my friends is fate at work.

At first I was convinced I was hearing either A) A new Liz Phair single I hadn't known of of B) A Sheryl Crow single that I'd missed of Wildflower on account of that being a pretty rubbish album. Actually it was neither, and as it goes, the above descriptions won't really give you much of a clue as to the overall impression of the album.

Whilst "Deadman" can be described in such terms, the rest of the album is a much more mellow affair and is akin to what Katie Melua might come up with if she wasn't ever so slightly piss poor. "Here's The Love" is a wonderful opener and the title track is a wonderful slice of folk-esqe pop which, if there is any luck, will send the Radio 2 pop lovers into a frenzy when they hear it.

The album is mixed between acoustic, stripped down songs and those with a bit more of an electric, and dare I say it, lively feel. For my money, the latter tracks work better as some of the more basic tracks have little to distinguish themselves from any other similar tracks you might hear anywhere else. Still this is a great little discovery and I certainly would reccommend it and I look forward to hearing more from Haley in the future.

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