Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Single Releases - 23/01/06

Analogue (A-Ha) - Just what you needed huh? Another return from A-Ha...well fear not, this actually isn't too bad at all. The chorus lets it down, the moody verses stealing the show, but it's not a bad effort by any stretch of the imagination.

Boys Will Be Boys (Ordinary Boys) - So if you needed any clue as to why young Preston would want to go on Celebrity Big Brother, then you will get your answer here. I am reliably informed that this is their "hit"...well if that is the case, I don't want to hear their lesser tracks. Ok, so to be fair its not bad, but it's not very good either. To put it into context, Madness were doing this kind of thing, but better, 25 years ago.

Honesty (Alex Parks) - Well at least she's lasted longer than David Sneddon and One True Voice. I have to say though that this is a cracking slice of up-tempo pop to an extent, albeit one that really doesn't stand out from the crowd. Put it this way...I'd listen to it but I wouldn't buy it.

Angel (Pharrell) - She's got an ass like a loaf of bread you want to slice! Excuse me? See I really don't know how Pharrell keeps getting away with it. Yes, he's done some cracking tunes under various guises, but then it's always sandwiched between stuff like this, which is a good idea gone wrong. Still, the ladies will go wild over it.

Where's The Pleasure (Protocol) - Despite what you think from the first 10 seconds, this is NOT Blondie. I do like this one though. It's got a kind of 80's pop rock feel to it, which results in a much better song than you might think. It's the sort of song that the Bravery would do if the Bravery had more than one half decent song.

Going Nowhere (Cut Copy) - This also sounds like Blondie. And it's very good. So, two of this week's best singles sound like Blondie...go figure. But get this, this track is also very Pet Shop Boys-esque in my warped little mind, so this is quite literally bloody brilliant.

This Time (Starsailor) - Good god, these guys don't cheer up much do they? If you like them, you like this. If you don't, then don't bother.

Ramblin' Man (Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan)- Sometimes something completely unexpected that should be completly rubbish actually turns out to be bloody good indeed. So it is with this. You can almost see the wizened old man picking on his guitar in the corner of the saloon when you listen to this one. Will it sell many copies? No. But it's a quality tune.

Slipping Away (Moby) - Oh if only you were slipping away instead of torturing us with this rubbish.

Just Like The Rain (Richard Hawley) - There has been ungodly blanket praise for his latest album, from which this is taken, but really I just don't get it. I'm sorry, but to me he's just a gravelly version of the Beautiful South. I'm sure my dad would love this, but for me its just a nothing tune.

Far Away (Nickleback) - Well finally the 'Back lads have astounded us with their Russian Folk comeback album. Ok, so they haven't. And yes, this sounds exactly like every other song you've ever heard by them ever. Avoid like the plague.

Dance Me In/La Lune (Sons & Daughters) - Ok so Dance Me In was released last year, and this release is only 1 12" vinyl, but it's a bloody fantastic record. So if you haven't heard it, GO AND CHECK IT OUT!

I Love Your Smile (Javine) - Sorry...i'm losing the will to live.

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