Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We Are Scentists - With Love & Squalor

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Ok so when I saw WAS support Editors my thoughts were along the lines of "perfectly plesant but unlikley to buy one of their records." Which may well have remained my thoughts for ever if I hadn't seen the video to "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" on MTV2. And to be quite frank, that video is awesome.

And the more you watch the video, the more the catchy tune sticks in your brain...until you are walking down a busy street and find yourself humming it, to very bemused looks from passers by.

The rest of the album isn't half bad either. Clocking in at 3 minutes shy of the magic 40 (40 minutes is the optimum length of an album for me) there isn't much of it that you would want to skip. Neither however is there the out and out standout track that would set them off to the big time. The afforementioned Nobody Move gets close, and other tracks such as "In Action" are bang up there, but their "Take Me Out" remains tantilisingly out of reach.

Speaking of the Franz, there is definately an element of the Franz Ferdinand sound to this, but they also reminded me of the much under-valued XTC with their wit and quirky style.

If you've heard the singles and liked them, then buy this album, you won't be disappointed. But if the singles left you cold then don't come looking here for a good time. If they sound your kind of thing then you'll probably love them, but they won't convert any doubters.

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