Sunday, January 22, 2006

Single Releases 16/01/06

A new development this is, but I've decided that once a week, time permitting of course, I will cast my eye over the big (and sometimes not so big) single releases of the week and pass my judgement. And also bear in mind that sometimes I'm crap, so may actually review singles that aren't out on that particular week :D

Anyways, on with the show.

All Time Love (Will Young) - Ok, look past the unremittingly dull and boring video (yes there is a lot going on, but it's all bloody miserable) and this isn't actually that bad a tune. It's certainly better than Will trying to be funky, which is just a route that he is so totally not suited to at all. The sooner he forgets about trying to be a pop star and sticks to what he's good at, the better off we'll all be.

Check On It (Beyonce) - Ah yes. The curse of an R'n'B artist. Look love, its not big and its certainly not clever to release singles without any discernable tune for us mere mortals to sing along to. If this is the kind of stuff we can expect from the next phase of her solo career, I don't think Beyonce can conut on Destiny's Child level of success. It'll chart well I'm sure, but it doesn't deserve to.

Nasty Girl (Notorious BIG and every other rapper, EVER) - If there is one thing worse than a "live" album, its a "dead" one. The modus operandi in this one seems to have been to round up every rapper who's still alive to sing a line or two. Thus the only fun in this one is watching the video (in a "Perfect Day" style) and seeing how many rappers you can spot. And on the plus side, there is the off-chance that you'll be concentrating so hard on the quest that you'll forget to listen to the abysmal song.

The Greatest (Cat Power) - Mournful, sorrowful and absolutely brilliant. Which of course means it will fail to chart in the top 500 or so, but still, who cares? A great prelude to what will hopefully be a great album.

Sawy (Little Derek) - Against all the odds I can say that this isn't too bad. Sonically from the R-Kelly range of R'n'B slowies, but lyrically nothing to do with pissing on 13 year old girls. Tell your friends about it now, just in case he happens to make it big in 2006.

Changes (Chris Lake)- A dance tune, but one that has been described as a "piano monster" (well, ok it was his own website that described it as such). It's a million miles away from the crap likes of that recent dance version of "You Only Get What You Give" which is a good thing, believe me! It makes me want to dance, and these days very little makes me want to dance. So check it out.

Warm Sand (Tina Deco) - This starts off with Piano as well, but don't worry I'm not going off on a dance trip here, this is a Delta Goodrem/Lucie Silvas style ballad, without ever threatening to be as good as anything they could do. This is bound to get lost in the shuffle.

Twelve (Forward, Russia) - This is the kind of thing which sends all the trendies wild, but leaves me utterly cold. It's not bad, but there are a hundred and one better songs released that never get anywhere near the hype that this gets.

Funny Little Frog (Belle And Sebastian) - Thankfully this is not one of their miserable efforts and is actually is wonderfully poppy tune which doesn't take long to lodge in your brain.

Eddie's Song (Son Of Dork) - Yes its rubbish...but it's better than Fightstar, which has to count for something does it not? Having said that, if they were American this would no doubt be at number one for weeks or something.

When The Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys) - Ok, so the whole Arctic Monkey's thing is getting terribly over-hyped but this song proves that they are, to some extent, the real thing. Still don't get me started on the Love Machine cover... Still, for once a song that deserves to get to number one probably will :D.

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