Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Editors LIVE

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Well the usual Poolstock Lane dash on a weeknight wasn't too bad, and despite the annoying pain in my ankle, which soon progressed to slightly more than an annoyance, things were looking good.

The trip to the Oxford ended in tears though as, despite the fact that I could blatantly see that they had at least six bottles of Magners left, the barmaid insisted that they'd sold out of it. Yes love, we really couldn't see that you were saving it for Billy Connolly at the end of the bar...but I digress.

We got to the venue shockingly early (that is the support act had yet to start) and from the off this was a terrible move. Not only did it leave us with nearly an hour and a half until the main event, it meant that I had to listen to the abomination that are Brakes. I'm sure they thought that 20-second "songs" were funny, but I just thought they were abysmal. Once or twice they even treated us to proper songs....they were only marginally less abysmal. Seriously, if I never hear them again it will still be too soon.

Still the Editors would save the day for sure, and they did. Much like the last time I saw them headline they rattled through the album, although this time we were treated to some b-sides, some new tracks and something they'd written with Elbow. Sadly, it was only the new track Blood that really lived up to the highlights of the Back Room album.

And in reality, therein lied the problem of the night. As good as it was, the sense of deja vu, in that this was the third time I've seen them, meant that there was nothing to really make it stand out. It was a good night, and featured some great performances, but it was all something I'd seen before. But for anyone who hasn't seen them, they still remain an act worth catching.

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