Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Single Releases 27/02/06

After a few barren weeks for singles, FINALLY the UK is getting some good tunes this week, although as you might expect, there is some pretty bloody awful stuff out there as well. Hold onto the rails at all times folks.

All Too Human (The Rakes) - Cheeky disco tinged pop...well almost. It's a cracking little tune though.

Don't Bother (Shakira) - The return of the English-speaking Shakira at last. It's been YEARS since Laundry Service, but this is a welcome return. Yes she's still as nutty as ever, but she can come up with a catchy pop tune every day of the week. Its also got its fair share of wacky lyrics, although none that quite match up with the majesty of the small and humble breasts kind.

Beep (Pussycat Dolls) - Wow. What a comeback from the turgid Stick Wit U. This is top quality pop heaven. Cheeky, sassy and catchy. Everything a modern pop tune should be.

Moodswings (Charlotte Church) - This on the other hand isn't. Why oh why haven't the people in charge of Charlotte's pop career given her some better tunes? Apart from Crazy Chick, her output has been pretty dire, and I don't see this tune helping her out very much either.

Standing On My Own Again (Graham Coxon) - This proves that despite all those lo-fi tendencies and the like which often seem to overshadow the tunes on a Graham Coxon record, he can pull out a classic when he wants to. Of course, it's not going to sell in huge quantities I suppose, but this is too good to ignore.

Move Along (All American Rejects) - Move along indeed. Nothing to see, or hear, here. It's one of those that will probably go down a storm with people who like this kind of thing, but the rest of us will just look on unconvinced.

Better Together (Jack Johnson) - What can I say? Does absolutely nothing for me. I just don't get how this guy is so popular. This isn't a "bad" track per se, but its a completely forgettable one.

Over And Over (Hot Chip) - Single of the week by a bloody mile. In fact it's probably the best single of the year so far by a bloody mile. It's the sort of thing you hear once and then it just lodges in your brain forever and a day. Bouncy breezy electro pop with an indie sensibility, check this out now or hold your head in shame. Seriously, this is awesome.

He's Fit (The Lovebites) - In the tradition of 21st Century Girls and Hepburn here comes another bunch of girls who play their own instruments and everything. They couldn't be trying harder to be the female Busted or McFly and whilst this doesn't quite match up to the best that those two could come up with (I don't care what you think of me, Busted and McFly have done some pretty catchy tunes) it drives along pleasantly enough, but I doubt they've a long career ahead of them on the basis of this.

Alone With The TV (The Mitchell Brothers) - Not Grant and Phil sadly. This does nothing for me, and goes to prove that however much Mike Skinner may want to expand his empire Eminem style, he's still got someway to go.

The Boy Who Ran Away (Mystery Jets) - Oh I bet the NME love this one don't they? Average stuff for me. Neither particularily good, nor particularily bad. It just exists.

No Tommorrow (Orson) - I'm sorry, but the video for this just puts me right off. The bloke looks like a right prick. But having said that, the tune is enough to put me off on its own. It's alright taking bits of Madness, Ordinary Boys and No Doubt, but at least have the deceny to rob the good bits in future mate.

Watchin' (Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson) - *YAWN*. More dance music for people with short attention spans. Next!

Rock With You (Michael Jackson) - Well his attempt to do an Elvis is failing spectacularily. But I supose they're on the release lists now, so we're going to get them all anyway. You probably already know this, so make up your own damn mind on it :)

Chico Time (Chico) - Good god. Let us all pray he never marries one (or both) of the Cheeky Girls.

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