Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Singles Releases 13/02/06

First Word Is The Hardest (Four Day Hombre) - It starts off sounding a little like Coldplay, but don't worry....it gets better. It does also build into a bit of a creschendo, but frankly is a bit too dull for my tastes.

Long Time Coming (Humanzi) - It really is considering that I didn't stay around to watch them at that Club NME night The Like were playing at. It's not bad, but doesn't really do anything for me. The trendy indies will probably love it though.

Back Again (Dilated Peoples) - There seems to be an awful lot going on in this one, to remarkably little effect. Completely indistinguishable from all this kind of thing.

I See You, You See Me (The Magic Numbers) - Truth be told, I've never really "got" the Magic Numbers. Pleasant enough but hardly brilliant. Which to me sums up this single, one of their quieter moments. It's alright, but my Magic Numbers album will still be staying untouched on the shelf.

One More Night Alone (Friday Hill) - Good god. Come back Blazing Squad all is forgiven. Well almost...

Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley) - Now this is more like it. One of my favourite EP tracks, and an absolute genuine Grade A Classic.

Stay (Beulah) - Well if Katie Melua can be successful, there certainly has to be hope for Beulah. This is a soft and mellow song which is probably all over Radio 2 as I type. Put it this way, worse songs of this ilk have been huge.

Ride A White Horse (Goldfrapp) - Come on guys, what's the fuss? It's alright, like most of the recent Goldfrapp output, but its hardly earth-shatteringly brilliant is it? Must do better.

Back Again (Boy Kill Boy) - I've tried to give this a listen, but I just don't like it. I cannot for the life of me see the reason why this is so highly regarded.

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