Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Single Releases 06/02/06

Sugar We're Going Down (Fall Out Boy) - Well I suppose the void left by Blink-182 has to be filled somehow and this fills it rather, erm, respectably. I can see this being a huge hit with its demographic, but that doesn't mean its anything special.

Woman In Love (Liz McClarnon) - Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for pop music. But really, coming back with this as your big "solo" debut doesn't bode well at all does it. "Well Liz, we'd love to have a new song as your debut, but to be honest, nobody really likes you. And unless we do a cover you're going to go the same way as Rachel Stevens." That said the song isn't as completely dreadful as the concept would make you fear

Flame (Bell XI) - On first listen I thought that this was trying to be a little too clever for its own good, but repeat listens really led me to like this one very much. Very funky and offers something a little different; it also has an insanely catchy chorus about marshmallows and has hand-claps. Now can you ask for anything better than that?

Do You Ever Think Of Me (Antony Costa) - Antony, no I don't. No worse than Lee Ryan or that other bloke, but you've kinda missed the boat son.

You Got The Love (The Source Ft Candi Staton) - Much like Knight Rider or The A-Team I have fond memories of this tune. Like watching either of those programmes today, this makes you wonder what you ever saw in it in the first place. Maybe it's just the completely pointless remix, but this just doesn't cut the mustard in 2006.

Turn This Thing Around (El Presidente) - Now here is a band I can't make my mind up about; they're not bad, but I always hear them and think some record industry think-tank has seen the success of Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand and decided that an amalgamation of the two would be a great idea. I know they've been around for years and worked really hard and all that, but I can't help the impression they give me. And anyways, its "pop" music for people who don't want to admit to liking "pop".

Grow (Kubb) - Erm, I'm sure this is what "real" music should sound like fellas, but it's just a tad too dull for my liking.

The Other Side Of My Heart Attack (The Liars) - This has got a kind of Phil Spector vibe going on here, which is about the only point of interest I can come up with. It's "worthy" perhaps, but that doesn't stop it being another dull one.

All These Things I Hate (Bullet For My Valentine) - Once again there's a demographic that will love this, and you have to say that as far as these things go it's not too bad at all. It's a million times better than Limp Bizkit, and for these small mercies we should be thankful.

Friend Or Foe (tATu) - Dave Stewart wrote it; Sting plays bass on it; Bryan Adams shot the photographs for the single cover...AND STILL THE SONG IS QUITE GOOD! Of course that won't be good enough for some, and admittedly the song isn't a patch on some that tATu have given us before. Still this is not too bad at all.

Eyes On You (Jessica Moon) - The one with Amir Khan in the video. That was released in September and did very little. So go figure out whether this one is good or not for youself.

Relight My Fire (Take That) - Why, oh why? It's not a bad song of course, but have you heard the remix? Steer clear and remember the good old days folks.

The Weakness In Me (Keisha White) - It's slow and mellow time and whilst this is perfectly respectable it lacks that little spark that would set it apart from the chasing pack. This is unlikely to be her breakthrough.

Thunder In My Heart Again (Meck feat. Leo Sayer) - Please, someone...anyone. Stop this dreadful craze for this kind of "remix". Where will it end? I can't take anymore.

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