Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Five "Mido" albums

That is, five albums in 2006 that flattered to deceive or were downright disappointing. These are not the five worst albums of the year by any stretch, just one where I had hoped for so much more.

Again they are in no order except alphabetical by title.

Broken Boy Soldiers (The Raconteurs) - A supergroup? More like a super-dull group. No matter how many times I listen to this album it always astounds me how the creative force behind The White Stripes can have such a large hand in something as turgid as this.

Corinne Bailey Rae (Corinne Bailey Rae) - She has a great voice and occasionally that is matched by a great tune. However far too often the arrangements are bland and don't really give Corinne the chance to show what she can really do. Hopefully that will change next time around.

Futuresex/Lovesounds (Justin Timberlake) - Sexyback made you think he was going to come back with a the end it was nothing more than a whimper. He fell into the old pop trap; in an attempt to ride the "cool" bandwagon he forget about what made him so special in the first place.

Half The Perfect World (Madeleine Peyroux) - The previous album was very good, although it did drag in parts. So luckily enough, Peyroux concentrated on the dull parts of that album and served up a whole disc's worth of them here.

The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (The Streets) - Oh Mike, where did it all go wrong. Sure the disappointment of this album is all the worse given that it was following a bona fide classic, but even without that baggage, this is average stuff all the way.

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