Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Five Pascal Chimbonda Albums

That is, 5 albums in 2006 that weren't as bad as you thought they were/should have been/were made out to be.

Not in any particular order other than alphabetical by title.

Devil's Got Your Gold (Frank) - It was hardly the second coming of Girls Aloud I know, but there were some catchy tunes on the album and there's a lot worse that gets released in the world of pop that gets much higher chart placings than the unfortunate "sold 13 copies" that this did.

Paris (Paris Hilton) - I'm not suggesting this was a BRILLIANT album, but neither was it the pile of old tosh that most had it pegged down for...before even hearing it! Of course I doubt many people who criticise it have even heard it yet. Paris' "talent" is indeed questionable, but roping in some of the best pop producers of the 21st century provided the kind of album a comeback-needing Britney would do well to replicate.

Rudebox (Robbie Williams) - So let's get this straight, we criticise him for doing the same old stuff all the time and then when he comes out with something different, we criticise him for not pandering to the "housewife" market. If you believed the critics, this was an awful mess. If you listened to it you actually heard that whilst some of the album was indeed laughable this contained some of Robbie's best work. A million miles from Angels, but that may well be the entire point.

Those Were The Days (Dolly Parton) - Dolly Parton...doing cover versions of her favourite 60's and 70's songs...and joined by a plethora of special guests such as Norah Jones and Keith Urban...hardly mouth watering was it? But this was actually quite an enjoyable album which did more than enough to warrant Dolly's ongoing critical renaissance.

Walk The Line OST (Various Artists) - A bunch of Hollywood stars playing karaoke shouldn't be any good, but with the help of some great work by producer T Bone Burnett and the actors themsleves this is a respectful and entertaining rattle through some of Johnny Cash's greatest. Hell, I actually prefer listening to Reese Withersppon than June Carter Cash!

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