Monday, December 18, 2006

Single Releases 18/12/06

Oooh, what will be Christmas number one?

Well I think we can safely say it's probably going to be that X-Factor woman. But that shouldn't stop me reviewing the other contenders out this week.

All Angels - 'Angels' / 'Silent Night'
It was funny on Popworld at the weekend when one of the random bints from All Angels told the Crazy Frog he should have done "something different, something new. Not a cover version". At least that Zane fella took her to task over it. This is lazy "lets have a hit at Christmas" commercialism at it's worst.

Girls Aloud - 'I Think We're Alone Now'
Ok it's still a bit pants, but at least the single version is better than the album version. More like a Girls Aloud song. Albeit a bad one.

James Morrison - 'The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore'
Well I can't see his appeal, but dont' let that put you off.

McFly - 'Friday Night' / 'Sorry's Not Good Enough'
Is this the one where they dress like Ghostbusters in the video? I quite like that. It's not a very good song though is it? And credit must go to whomever thought up the "Up Close and Personal" Tour concept. It's one thing to have to play the smaller venues after a few years of the arena circuit, it's quite another to wrap up the fact that you can't fill arena's in such a brilliant promotional campaign.

Paul Carrack - 'What A Wonderful World'
Erm. He's got a great voice but is a version of this really neccessary?

Queen Vs The Miami Project - 'Another One Bites The Dust'
Oh joy! Nothing says Christmas like a novelty collaboration.

Razorlight - 'Before I Fall To Pieces '
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I am of course joking.

Tony Christie - 'God Only Knows'
God only knows how you keep going? That Peter Kay has a lot to answer for.

X Factor Winner - 'Whatever It's Called'
Well I do know that woman won (I'm right on top of the cultural issues of the day aren't I?) and I did catch a little bit of it which seemed to prove it was a ballad. But at the end of the day the quality doesn't matter does it?

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