Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tips for 2007

Yes, I'm willing to put what little of my reputation remains on the line to give you my HOT tips for musical success in 2007. Bear in mind that I will most likely be wrong, but I do this that on the off chance that someone on this list hits it big in 2007 I can point you back to this and say "I told you so". Naturally if all these artists sink without trace, this post will be deleted and we'll forget this ever happened.

These are not in any order other than the order I thought of them as I was doing this.


She's had three VERY limited vinyl single releases in 2006 (none of which I have my hands on sadly enough) but 2007 sees the big promotional push for Candie. Born in Liverpool, but whisked off to New York at a very early age, before returning to Liverpool in the early 90's. Some are calling her the new Dusty Springfield and whilst that may be over exaggerating a little bit at such an early stage of her career, it's not exaggerating it all that much. 60's tinged orchestral pop which will be huge in 2007.


Ok, so I do bang on a bit about them anyway, but a proper single release in January (the delightful Heatseeker) and the album (One More Might Kill Us) due in February and 2007 should see some more mainstream success for the girls.


Their next single, Same Jeans, is out in early 2007 and hopefully will be a huge hit. Don't let the fact that one of the band got "arrested" alongside renowned crack-whore Pete Doherty and concentrate on the music. Occasionally they may just be a little too square, but there has been enough evidence to suggest that they could be something very special indeed.


Already had a US release (of course, I've reviewed their album on here previously) but a UK launch in 2007 should see some good things. 80's tinged guitar electro pop and if the latest Stefani efforts left you cold you should find much to enjoy here.


Ok, so a strange choice in some ways considering she's had a top 10 single in the UK in 2006 (even if it was with The Ordinary Boys) but 2007 will see her album Public Warning gets it UK release. Hell, it's only about 12 months later than it should have been. But regardless, this will be somewhat of a new beginning and she should have some great success in 2007.


A Geordie foursome who specialise in incendiary disco-punk. New single Outwards is brilliant, and bodes well for the album, Not Enough Night, due in the new year. They've been banging about for a couple of years now and 2007 should hopefully be the big breakthrough.


Ok, so Popjustice got there first (the bastards) but there is no reason for me to ignore the Sounds just because of that. Think the electro-rock stylings of someone like Metric, but even better. The album, already doing the rounds in Europe, is out in March in the UK.


I'd been sent a 5 track EP of theirs earlier in the year, and was quite surprised to see them pop up on one of those recent "This Is What We Do" adverts on BBC. Fingers crossed for the record deal and album in 2007. I'd call them superb "power pop" but no doubt that would put some of you off.


If the White Stripes came from Brighton and had Meg singing, they might sound a little something like this. Noisy, but melodic.


Sensational indie-pop that really will bring a smile to your face. Touring the UK in January, you should really check them out before the world realises that Orson are crap and The Little Ones are fantastic.

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