Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kate Nash LIVE

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Traffic problems abounded, but we found our way eventually to the Apollo. An absolutely RANK burger and chips was followed by a trip to The Union. Seriously if anyone is reading this who goes to the Apollo for gigs, don't go to that pub that backs onto the venue, go round the corner and go to The Union instead. Although don't too many of you follow that advice as I don't want it getting too crowded.

We got to the venue five minutes before Kate Nash hit the stage and my worst fears were immediately confirmed. This was Fisher Price My First Concert territory. It did go to prove though that the NME mean virtually nothing to Nash's fanbase, consisting as it did of largely girls roughly aged 10-14 all screaming along to most songs. And whatever Nash may suggest she knows where her bread is buttered...hence the non-appearance of Dickhead in the set list. Not that that stopped the kids in the audience heartily singing along to the swearwords in her other hits.

It all added up to a slightly surreal atmosphere and experience. What little subtlety Nash possesses in amongst her insanely catchy pop tunes was largely lost and at times it was difficult to hear her over the band. Some artists who excel on the smaller stage (Nash's previous Manchester gigs at the Night & Day were excellent) manage to make the step up to the 3,000 seater halls with ease; on this evidence Nash hasn't quite cracked it yet. Still, it's difficult to imagine that many in the sold out crowd left unhappy and if pleasing the audience is the main aim of a concert, this one more than managed on that score.

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