Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sugababes LIVE

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Amusing at it was to be sat in the middle of teenage girls for the Sugababes night at Blackburn's King George's Hall, it was even more amusing to not be the oldest men there without kids. Seriously, if I'm still doing this when I'm 60 you might want to shoot me.

Still, who am I to mock? They certainly seemed to enjoy the evening along with everyone a quarter of their age. And in fairness there was much to enjoy.

I was a little worried prior to the show that the 'Babes would once again be at pains to prove that they were "serious artists" which would mean ballad after ballad and the obligatory acoustic interlude. Thankfully there was none of that bollocks.

The pace of the set was kept up throughout, with only a handful of the slower songs tossed in throughout. And whilst I still say it's ridiculous to see them sing Overload with only one of the people who actually sang on that record, the current line up can certainly belt out the tunes.

All the big hits were played (as far as I can remember anyway - Dave was disappointed that they didn't do Easy, but I think that was more to do with the fact he wanted to see them act out the risque lyrics) and it's difficult to imagine that anyone went away disappointed.

Still it wasn't all perfect. If musically they got it spot on (including a thrilling cover of En Vogue's Don't Let Go) visually it was a bit of a mess. Obviously the budget wasn't the biggest and this led to some tacky outfits which had me laughing if I'm being honest. Still the ramshackle nature of that side of things couldn't really detract from a great night out.

That said though, roll on Girls Aloud ;-D

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