Thursday, May 01, 2008

Neptune - The Duke Spirit

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My only previous form with The Duke Spirit was rather foolishly going on the Duke Special forum and inadvertently proclaiming my love for them instead of the Irish singer-songwriter. To this day I've never been back.

Despite critical acclaim for the debut album, it pretty much sank without trace so in comes Queens of the Stone Age producer Chris Goss and delivers the garage rock album you would expect, but with some very interesting twists.

Lead single The Step And The Walk offers up an exciting introduction but the good news is that it's far from the standout track. Into The Fold is as good a mainstream "rock" tune as I've heard all year, Lassoo has trumpets, which are a good thing (assuming they are trumpets, but even if they're not, brass is good) and finishes in a storm of pure energy. Even better is Dog Roses, which brings a harmonica out of nowhere to enhance a moody and thrilling song.

Not everything works to such a high standard and there are one or two tracks where your thoughts wander to how much better they've pulled off the same tricks elsewhere on the album but overall this is a pulsating and vital album that, with any luck, will finally bring them the success that many people thought was due to them first time around.

And no, it doesn't exactly hurt that lead singer Liela Moss is a bit of alright either.

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