Monday, May 19, 2008

Killing My Darlings - Amanda Jenssen

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Ok, I know. You're rolling your eyes again. Some random pop bint you've never heard of turns up on this blog...what can I say; you're going to be even more cynical when I tell you she was the runner up in the 2007 version of Swedish Idol.

If I were being lazy, I'd introduce you to Amanda Jenssen as the Swedish Duffy or Amy Winehouse. And to be fair, that's not too far off the point. You might want to toss in a bit of Adele as well, but I wouldn't want to put anyone off their tea.

So having pretty much confirmed that the trendy kids are not going to be listening to it the only question is whether or not it's any good. And I'll be honest; it's not great and it's not particularly inventive. BUT, and you probably knew that was coming, any lovers of a bit of throwaway pop will certainly have a good time here.

Amarula Tree is a cheery romp which has horns on it (which automatically makes a song good don't you know) and is so very instantly catchy and For The Sun is something Amy Winehouse might even be proud of. In fact when the album is in "upbeat" territory, you'll enjoy yourself. Sadly there is a preponderance of ballads, most of which aren't exactly very good. So it's not one to go to the ends of the earth to listen to, but if you do happen to come across it you're bound to add a couple of tracks to your MP3 player.

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