Friday, May 09, 2008

Synthetique - Prototypes

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Prototypes are a Parisian band formed in 2003. Their press release tells me that they make "a joyful and hybrid music, sexily sung in French (mostly), mixing altogether the many influences of the band: from electro-pop, 60s rhythms, folky guitars and sometimes a punk crunch to add to the equation!"

Sounds right up my street!

And for the most part it is. It's an eclectic mix but one that work. I suppose that it's reminiscent of another of my great discoveries, Cansei de ser Sexy. (I say that tongue in cheek boys and girls). The tunes are so instantly catchy that it matters not that I haven't a clue what the singer Bubble Starr is going on about.

Even the track Something manages to stay banging for 7 minutes without getting in the slightest bit boring. I have to admit that I prefer them when they are sticking more to the "electro-pop" vibe and some of the more experimental tracks, whilst interesting, lack the "hit" factor.

My personal favourites Something, Clap Your Hands (which is like a mental cover version of Tainted Love), Synthetique and Un Coup De Langue. If the blurb at the start of this review sounded like your kind of thing, give it a try - you won't be disappointed.


jacsgud said...

Matt, you must be one of the only people left to still refer to CSS as Cansei de ser Sexy!(Bet you didn't know I read this from time to time)

IWFICON said...

I'm honoured that you do read my blog! :-D

Refering to them as Cansei de ser Sexy is my little joke as I was banging on about them long before their name was shortened to CSS for the Western World. I just like proving how cool I am ;-D

ctdewberry said...

seriously i just got Synthetique yesterday and I can't stop listening to it. And I totally agree about Something...I didn't realize it was 7 minutes long cause it was just so much fun! Just wish I knew what they were singing about :D

IWFICON said...

I think half the fun is NOT knowing what they're on about!

Thanks for the comment.