Monday, June 09, 2008

Julianne Hough - Julianne Hough

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I'm reliably informed that Country music's Julianne Hough is a two-time winner of Dancing With The Stars in America (and I'm assuming by that, she's a professional dancer); which doesn't really bode well for this album, until one realises that she's not some "past-it" fading star looking for one last pay-day before riding into obscurity forever. Indeed, Julianne is 19, and this is her debut album.

So momentum is on her side, but does she deliver enough to capitalise it? The answer is "not quite" it seems.

There's nothing to particularly dislike on this album, but precious few moments that jump up and grab you by the throat. Occasionally, on tracks such as That Thing In My Head and About Life, you think that she may well have a future, but there's too much in the way of banal lyrics, delivered with complete and utter sincerity, to leave the kind of impression that she would wish for.

Still, she seems a likable soul and could one day deliver something really worth listening to.

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